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Driver biography

#777 DSR - Nightmare

K. Lykkegaard

S. Salsgaard

M. Pedersen

S. Hansen

Karl Lykkegaard Jensen
Year of birth: 1982
Civil status: Cohabitant and two bonus children
Residence: Brønderslev
Job: 1. Store Manager (Fakta)
Sim career: approx. Since 2009
Favorite track: Bathhurst (Mount panorama)
Why...? Very demanding race track where there is a little bit of everything.
Best result: 3rd place at DSR DM 2018
Favorite car / class: V8 Supercar
Equipment: Thrustmaster - Recaro racing seat, home-built simrig.

Steven Salsgaard
Year of birth: 1983
Civil status: cohabitant and two children
Residence: Aarhus
Job: Ventilation's fitter
Sim career: approx. Since 2015
Favorite track: Nordschleife
Why...? Because it requires so much of one, both psychologically and technically.
With its 74 turns and its many ups and downs,
you have to be 100% focused all the time, especially in close combat.
Best result: 4th place at CBE 2018
Favorite car / class: Mercedes 190E 2.5-16 EVO / Gr. A
Equipment: Logitech G29 - older Audi seat combined with home built alurig.

Mathias René Pedersen
Year of birth: 1989
Civil status: Cohabitation
Residence: Roskilde
Job: Electronics Technician
Sim career: Since 2014
Favorite track: Road Atlanta
Favorite car / class: Porsche 911 RSR / GTE
Equipment: Motedis 8020 Aluminum rig.
Accuforce V1. Fanatec CSR Elite Pedals. BS6 seat from Autostyle.

Søren Hansen
Year of birth: 1984
Civil status: cohabitant
Residence: Østervrå
Job: 1st Man / Delaval, Job 2 Cool cars
Sim career: approx. 2009
Favorite track: Nordschleife
Best result: GT academy 2013
Favorite car / class: F1, wtc, erc
Equipment: Logitech G29

#766 - #777 - PIT

O. Thalund

J. Sundstrøm

M. Jensen

C. Grützmeier

Ole Wedel Thalund
Main task for the team: Data analyst
Year of birth: 1970
Civil status: Boyfriend. No children
Residence: Skamby, North Fyn
Job: Industrial electrician v / Roll-o-Matic A / S
Sim Careers: Approx. since 2016
Favorite course: 24 Heures Le Mans.
Why...? Since I've been there in reality. It is both frustrating or super cool at the same time.
Best result: P2 in GT3 class v / EEWC 2018.
Favorite car: McLaren / GT3
Equipment: Trustmaster T300 + pro pedal set, racing seat from GT Omega Racing

Jesper Mott Sundstrøm
Main task for the team: Data analyst

Maricar Munk Jensen
Main task for the team: Social media
Year of birth: 1985
Civil status: cohabitant (Steven Salsgaard) and two bonus children
Residence: Aarhus
Job: Team leader at The Army Painter ApS
Sim career: Only as Steven's pit-girl & cake brings.
Favorite track: The Danish Roads
Best result: 50 mins from Tranbjerg to Middelfart, to get down to EEWC 2018
Favorite car: Right now it's a red Skoda CityGo.
It runs like a dream.
Equipment: .......... Cake roll and baking paper ...

Cecilie Grützmeier Larsen
Main task for the team: Runner
Civil status: Cohabitation
Residence: Roskilde

#766 DSR - Dream Team

B. Christiansen

M. Ciccolini

M. Højgaard

A. Hansen

Year of birth: 1977.
Civil status: Married and two daughters.
Residence: Bryrup.
Job: Overkonstabel (Until 31 / 3-19).
Sim career: Since 2015
Favorite track: Circuit de la Sarthe.
Why...? There is just something special about getting up at about 300 Km / h down the straight
and then hammer the brakes 150 meters before a turn of almost 90 degrees in the bellows projecting darkness ...
Best result: 3. place at Seebring GTR24H.
Favorite car / class: Corvette GT3.
Equipment: Logitech G27 mounted on a Playseat Challenge.

Michael Ciccolini
Year of birth: 1962
Civil status: Non-cohabiting girlfriend - 1 child
Residence: Amager
Job: Service Engineer NNIT
Sim career: approx. Since 2017
Favorite course: Spa
Why...? Just because it's cool, awesome to take the eau rouge with the pedal all the way down to the floor.
Best result: 14th place at EEWC 2018
Favorite car / class: Corvette CR7 GTE / GT3
Equipment: Logitech G29 - Racing seat from Playseat.

Year of birth: 1999
Civil status: Living at home in my little cave
Residence: Holeby
Job: Searching
Sim career: Since 2012
Favorite track: Brands Hatch
Why ...?
Because it is small and it costs a lot if you make a mistake.
There is a very high risk factor but not so a reward was left again.
I've always liked to take chances and sometimes it's a chance too much.
Best result: 3rd place in the Dasu GT Sport Audi TT Cup.
Favorite car / class: The Aston Martin Vantage GT3 / GT4 class
for me it has always been cool to drive in close combat, and that can really be done in those car classes.

Equipment: Thrustmaster T300 Base, T3PA-Pro pedals, Sparco R383 Rat. And a very, very cheap sim rig.
Year of birth: 1971
Civil status: Married and 2 grown boys
Residence: St Andst 6600 - 10 km west of Kolding
Job: Warehouse worker - Flex1one
Sim career: Since 2017
Favorite track: Spa
Why ...?
Because I've been there in real life
Best result: 2th place in a 3 hour endurance - PCARS2
Favorite car / class: GT and LMP2
And italian cars
Equipment: Fanatec and Simlab P1

Team DSR - Danish Sim Razers (Oktober 2019)